What is freelancing and how to earn money from freelancing

What is Freelancing ?

Freelancing is working as a self-employed person\professional for multiple employers without an formal agreement for long time period of time .A freelancer may work part-time or full-time and at any time that he/she desires .This is because ,basically,there would be no fixed  working time .This would give the freelancer the benefits of freedom in working hours and workin place and environment .

Simply freelancing is a work style that allows you to work from any where and at any time .You can also pick the type of jobs and clients that suits you ,You will be working as your own boss which means that the more work you do the more income you will get .

Freelancing is not utopia either ,that lifestyle comes with challenges too,However you can secure a stabale living by folowing the best practices and improving your skill set .

 How to earn  money from freelancing ;

Freelancer is a marketplace of ideas skills and talents where anyone can work on what they love .In this short guide ,we’ll discuss the processes invovled in working and earning at freelancer.


Step 1:commit to a life of freelancing and sign up for a freelancing .

Signing up and working at freelanciner is absolutely free,but we have also membership upgrades  that will help you earn money more,and a list of skills . certain  projects require your profile to reflect certain skills ,so the more you have listed ,the more opportunities you get .

Step 2: Find projects and start bidding .

Earning money at freelancer actually begins here .Hundreds of projects and contests in different categories are posted each day .Find the ones you want to work on by regularly checking the jobs or contents pages .In the jobs pages,you will see suitable  projects open or biddingd.

For contents ,you simply submit an entry .There are over 750 work categories in the jobs page from web development and writting ,to marketing and accounting

Step 3: Work .

This might be the hardest but most important step . Before starting work ,make sure that you and the employers are aligned in terms of project scop ,deadlines,and milestone payments .so there will be no issues along the way .You may want to have a signed agreement   in place to deal .All must be  clear between you and employers .

You may be too excited to start working ,but keep calm and focus.Once the job is awarded ,make you sure you impress your employer by being consistent when it comes to timeline ,budget ,and communication .you can use the built-in chatbox to converse easier ,so you can keep your employer updated wherever you are .

 Step 4: Get paid and earn five-star feedback .

Once you get paid ,you can withdraw your money via pay pal wire transfer ,Moneybookers ,or your nominated local bank account .

Also ,always aim for five-star feedback the accumulaton of great ,quality feedback is a great addition to your portfolio .To keep earning money on freelancer ,rinse an repeat steps three to four .


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